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Hindalco hosts workshop on “Manufacturing Opportunities for MSMEs in the Downstream Aluminium Industry”

Bhubaneswar : Hindalco, a flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group, organized a pivotal workshop on Tuesday at the Utkal Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ltd. (UCCIL) conference hall here, in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and UCCIL. The workshop focused on “Manufacturing Opportunities for MSMEs in the Downstream Aluminium Industry,” highlighting Odisha’s growing prominence as a global hub for aluminium manufacturing.

In his inaugural address, Essar Minnet Ltd. CEO, Shashi Sekhar Mohanty, emphasized the essential role of MSMEs in the aluminium industry’s value chain. “MSMEs require the security of raw materials, technological support, operational efficiency, financial backing, and effective marketing to complete the value chain. The large aluminium downstream industries can provide these critical elements, enabling MSMEs to thrive,” he stated.

Deliberating upon the theme, Hindalco Advisor Bibhu Mishra highlighted the company’s significant presence in Odisha and its impact on various industries. “Hindalco, a global leader in aluminium, produces downstream products that serve as inputs for diverse end products, from food packaging to battery enclosures. The market for these innovative products is expanding, offering substantial growth opportunities for Odisha-based businesses,” Mishra explained.

Hindalco Joint President, Sagar Dhamorikar, spoke on the unique properties of aluminium and its wide-ranging applications. “Aluminium’s high strength-to-weight ratio, conductivity, and non-corrosive nature make it ideal for numerous applications. A supportive fabrication ecosystem will enable India to harness its manufacturing potential and foster Odisha’s growth. Hindalco is committed to nurturing this mutually beneficial opportunity. The proliferation of aluminium applications will drive employment, social upliftment, and green, sustainable economic development due to aluminium’s infinite recyclability,” Dhamorikar said. He also emphasized the initiative’s alignment with the Aatmanirbhar Bharat vision.

The workshop saw the participation of notable figures, including SNM Group Chairman Pradipta Mohanty, IIMT Director Dr. Ramanuj Narayan, and UCCIL Vice President Sanjeeb Mohapatra. They collectively underscored the critical role of MSMEs in driving innovation, employment, and regional economic development in the downstream aluminium sector.

Odisha’s strategic location and rich natural resources position it as a key player in the global aluminium industry. The state’s focus on developing the downstream aluminium sector presents a wealth of opportunities for MSMEs, which are instrumental in the supply chain and regional economic growth. The workshop provided a platform for industry leaders and MSMEs to explore collaboration opportunities, driving the state’s vision of becoming a manufacturing powerhouse.

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